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Zapable is an online portal created by a famous internet marketers Andrew & Chris Fox. With the help of Zapable you can build apps for the play store with a few mouse clicks. It focuses on making an app that many people would love. Andrew & Chris Fox has also managed to develop a platform where you don’t have to write a single line of code. Normally apps use thousands of lines of code, but with this platform all you need is a few mouse clicks.

It focuses on solving problems that people have by making functional apps. Andrew & Chris Fox also trains you to get your apps marketed and downloaded. The main focus of the program is to help you earn $1000 from your own apps.

That’s what Andrew & Chris Fox did with what they now calls Zapable. If you know any of their previous work you know Andrew & Chris Fox it to scale. Chris and Andrew Fox have been involved in various ventures from internet marketing, software development, fitness products and marketing consulting. In December 2011, the team developed and released a program to build mobile optimized sites, which grossed over $700,000 in sales in the first month. Previous projects include FB Gorilla, a plugin that allows users to get quality content from all over the web and publish that unique content to their website, and DNA Wealth Blueprint 2.0 – an online course showing how to use paid traffic to promote CPA offers.

With the ever advancing technology, Smartphones have grown to be a daily use device with many taking advantage of the apps available in the market.

Different developers come up with apps that perform various functions. Some develop apps that market their product, others build apps for entertainment, yet others build educational apps.

To date, there are about 5 times more mobile users than Internet users – and Mobile Money Code teaches you how to market directly to their devices.

Mobile marketing is huge,estimated users are in the billions. In fact mobile is far bigger than the internet and although everyone is talking about creating iPhone and Android Apps there are only around there are only 400,000 apps on the market. Think about how many billions of downloads of apps there are from this relatively limited pool of content!

That’s like saying that there’s billions and billions of website searchers and there’s only 400,000 websites. Imagine that. Just think about that fact for a second. Much like the initial gold rush to build websites. building apps is now attainable to almost anyone. Considering you can basically you can create an app for almost anything, including websites, the potential is huge.

Zapable is targeting a new wave of e-commerce, millions of Smart Phone users that you will be now able to make money from, using this proven Zapable system that Andrew & Chris Fox has developed to let you easily make money from millions of smart phone users world wide.

So why would you use Mobile Marketing? There is a very simple answer for that and I will answer it in the following sentence. There are over 5 billion mobile phone users on the planet, and more and more people are now changing over to smart phones. Ever since the smart phone, the mobile industry has changed. Mobile phones are not only used to make voice called, they are used to send text messages, multimedia messages, check emails and access the world wide web!

If you have a business which has a product that needs to be advertised. Wouldn’t you benefit from be able to put whatever product you have in front of billions of eye balls for next to no money?

So how certain can we be that mobile is going to get any bigger and that this product is going to make you any money? Well simply put, mobile is going nowhere and Google just spent $750 million dollars on a new mobile advertising platform! There are more than 5 times as many mobile users as Internet and there are over 150 million users per day logging onto Facebook mobile alone! Mobile is huge and millions of websites are going mobile!

Actually, the main focus of Zapable System is to let you make money through mobile marketing. The good thing about it is that you do not have to be in the business district just to be able to set up your own mobile marketing business. Zapable will teach you how to establish your mobile marketing business and how you can get clients. With Zapable, you will know how to get clients, businesses and other establishments to provide them with mobile marketing services. You will be the one to operate their mobile ads. This way, you can make money even if you are not within the business’ district.

If you are the owner of a smart phone, then you probably already are more than familiar with apps. Every smart phone has the built-in in the average smartphone owner now downloads more than 40 apps to their phone. Obviously, this is a huge market is one that is growing essentially on a daily basis. If you have wanted to develop your own app or even go into business as an app developer, then Zapable is what you need to get started.

Zapable offers a complete drag and drop interface which requires no programming, coding or technical skills. Users can build iPhone apps or Android apps with a range of features including background, splash screens, social media integration, podcast and more.

Unlike other app building software, Zapable has no page limitations and requires no additional cost to publish. The fully developed apps can then be uploaded to iTunes and Google Play. Options for adding Amazon products and building an iTunes app store allows the developer to monetize app creations.

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Features of Zapable

Choose your own background or our 20+ templates
Splash Screen:
Customisation for the image while app is loading
Add your own of choose from our library
Drag n Drop Colour Editor
Header Images
Change your header image
Add Images
Add images to your app. Choose from our 1000+ library (update weekly) or upload your own
Add Videos
Add videos from any your YouTube Channel or any other one. Upload any in .mp4, .mov
Add Articles
Add unlimited article pages to your app
Add the address to your /your clients business and displays map. Use GPS from their phone to show real time directions based on their current location
Add in advertising to your app. Get paid when someone clicks an ad.
Click to call
Hyperlink phone number. If they click the number is hyperlinked and will start the call
Click to Email
Hyperlinked Email. If they click the email its hyperlinked and will open the email in their default email client
Contact Form
Add a contact us form within the app
Add your fan page in a simple click. Auto updates in real time as you update your page
Add your twitter feed in a simple click
Display your images. Updates in real time as you upload new pictures to instagram
Add new Images via this service
Loyalty cards
Add virtual loyalty card to your app with a “stamp” reward system
Link to Popular Food Portals
Add to online ordering services like just Eat, Grub Hub
Uses popular menu sites
Table Reservations
Reserve table in app . Locks into several mainstream sites
Appointments Forms
Great to schedule appointments. Local business like law firms, dentists, doctors, physio’s etc
Push Button Notifications
Can send notifications to anyone who has downloaded the app. Incredibly high response rates.
Itunes Integration
Display products from it iTunes. Movies, digital books, apps.
if App user make a purchase
goes through your affiliate link you earn a commission
Amazon Catalogue
Build out full catalogue within your app based on Keywords
Opt in Forms
Collect emails in app. Automatically integrates with popular auto responders like Aweber and Get response. Alternatively just download your leads.
Sound Cloud/Podcasts
Intergrade your sound clout account – upload pod casts

There are plenty of people out there who are interested in making apps but they really don’t know where to start. This technology is so different from traditional computer programming for setting up websites that many people give up altogether. By utilizing the tools that are included in Zapable member area, you will put yourself in the position to be able to build apps for other people or to make money building your own apps. The choice is up to you, that you should be able to have your own app up and running

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Zapable is specified as a high quality product , too good to be missed and regret if missed. Every member that purchases Zapable has the ability to win lots of  FREE BONUSES which are included in this product.

World Class Customer Support:
This is where Andrew& Chris Fox’s company is 100% unique as they stand behind their product – strongly. they offer full customer support. their EMAIL support is actually 24/7.

They guarantee to resolve any issue you ever have within a maximum of 24 hours – they have been doing this for over 10 years and have never missed a beat!

60 Days – 100% Money Back Guarantee…
You have ZERO risk. They take all the risk for you. You get an entire 30 days to try the training and software as much as you want. If for any reason you’re not amazed by it, just let them know and they will give you all your money back – 100%


The Verdict : is Zapable a Scam ?

Absolutly No, it’s the most flexible way to make online nowdays, As an online marketer, you simply need to be everywhere.We encourage our readers to invest in this program, even if you just want to check it out – yes, because you can order Zapable and get a refund on it 100% no hassles and no questions asked, so you will not be incurring in any risks, if you don’t bank hard or like this program then you can get a refund! Simple as that!

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